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We are a full spanish owned company who have selected products from all the world searching for quality and price, offering them to the scientific field in a comfortable and fast manner using the new technologies.
Our medium delivery time is not longer than 10 days and offers all the necesary warranties for your total satisfaction and if the chosen product doesn't gets all you expected there is no problem to give it back or change.
Please, feel free to browse our offer and know how you can get better performance for your laboratory using our services.

Buying on line

Our experience have make us think that one of the most demandated services for the new scientific community is buying on line through the internet with all the information available in spanish.

Consumibles de Laboratorio offers you the possibility of using ours On Line Catalogs where you can find complete descriptions of each products, transparency in the prices, fast delivery times and everything in spanish.

Our Products,

Little by little Consumibles de Laboratorio is growling the items offered in each online shops

  • Volume Measure Instruments
  • Texture Analysis Instruments
  • Balances
  • Microscopy
  • General Laboratory Equipment
  • Sample Handling
  • Desiccation